Private Chill Event – 5 October from 9PM

Drag Show – 13 October from 6PM – 7PM


We have managed to source condoms from various other than our usual sources. Complimentary condoms are now available.

THE REC ROOM is a gay venue but crossdressers and transexuals are always welcome.

THE REC ROOM does not offer any private massages.

THE REC ROOM is not a leather club but does, form time to time, host leather parties.  You are welcome any time, even if you do not own leather.

Our theme nights are all indicated on our webpage home.  These theme nights are strictly enforced since they have been introduced following popular demand.  You are welcome to visit us any other night when you may feel more comfortable

Start off with a “stiff” drink at the bar or anywhere else in the Club.

THE REC ROOM plays a wide selection of music each evening but shies away from Country and Gospel.

THE REC ROOM provides complimentary branded-lube sachets to everyone.  Simply ask our barmen.

All our facilities are always fully operational unless vandalised by some patrons or when replacement parts are locally unavailable.

That will depend on what you consider old to be.

THE REC ROOM is not a hotel.  Affordable accommodation is available at a wide selection of venues nearby.

Then rip their towels off them.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you see.

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